Vaadin front end to web services


I have a assignment right now that is to build a front end to a collection of web services (SOA style). I was wondering: is it Vaadin a good choice for this kind of job? I am asking because I’ll not have a database on my side and, from the examples/documentation, I can see that some important components for my application like Table, Form, etc. are all dependant on Beans/BeanContainer.

Is it possible/valid to construct, for instance, a BeanContainer that gets the data it uses from webservices? Are there other best practices/strategies to this kind of scenario?

Thanks in advance,

Alexandre Jacques


From the description, this would fit your need, but I don’t know whether there is a ready-made code example for invoking web services in the Query.

Hi Jean-François,

I noticed this add-on too. But there is no mention wherelse in the code/examples that this would be possible. Also, my main doubt regards Vaadin filosophy. It seems that my approach is not quite what Vaadin is made for.

Thanks for your help!!!


Alexandre Jacques

Actually - it is quite typical to use Vaadin together with web services. No limitations there…

As already pointed out, LazyQueryContainer might be a good choice if you need to handle larger datasets. If you are using small datasets (with no need for laziness), it might be simpler to just copy the data to UI directly or use BeanItemContainer…

Great! Thanks!

I’ll take a look into that.


Alexandre Jacques