Vaadin freelancer


I am looking for a freelancer that could design and develop a webmail written in Vaadin and JEE6 (Glassfish).
A first version was developed in Scala with cappuccino but at the end there was too many limitations with
the cappuccino framework.
On the vaadin website there is a screenshot of a webmail running on iPad and I would like to know who has developed it
and how is it called ?

So if you are interested and you want all the information about this project please contact me.

It is Mobile Mail (a demo application for
- sources
). It is not a functional mail application but was written to demonstrate the features of TouchKit. However, it could perhaps be used as a starting point.

Note that TouchKit is dual licensed (AGPL 3.0 / commercial license CVAL 2.0).

I have developed a webmail system using Vaadin framework. You can find the details of that at: Its has been developed using apache james mail server. It has also been tested with gmail account.