Vaadin Flow / Spring Boot and Electron

Hi everyone,

I’m currently developing an application [using Vaadin 13 and Spring Boot.]
Due to some requirements I need to access several parts of the client machine, including file system and/or applications, via Java code.

I did some research and one possible way seems to be wrapping the whole thing up in Electron like this:

Unfortunately all the tutorials / examples I could find were either a bit outdated (e.g. not using Vaadin Flow) or using Gradle with Jetty instead of Maven and Spring Boot / Tomcat, which is definitely my preferred choice.

So I figured, before trying to completely change my project structure I would love to know if there’s a way to (easily?) use my existing project configuration in an Electron Application, perhaps by using Maven modules?

Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

first of all I have to say that I’m not familiar with Electron.

So I can’t say anything for sure .

As I understand after a quick look it allows to use Java desktop application to a web application.
I don’t think it matters which web application it is.
It’s just a matter of a way of starting a web application.
So the things which allows to render the web application (a browser replacement) inside desktop J2SE are isolated from the web application itself.
So I think there should not be a problem to use newer Vaadin versions instead of the old Vaadin framework in the example.

I would recommend to you do not touch and restructure your existing project but tries a simple project.
E.g. It contains very small logic and if you will be able to use it with Electron then it should not be a problem with your project.

You will need to do things differently for sure with new Vaadin versions. And for this you will need to read our tutorials.