Vaadin Flow MS Edge speed issues


We are building a small Vaadin 13 (13.0.7) app and are having major speed problems in MS Edge, so much so that we are considering rewriting the front-end of the app with some other framework.
I wanted to ask if anyone else is having issues with MS Edge and then what, if anything, can be done about them.

We have a test app running here:

This is a Vaadin Flow app. Load the app and click the Create button. In the back end 10 instances of a very simple, custom component are created, each instance being a DIV containing 4 empty comboboxes. There is no other logic or data or anything else involved.

On a MacbookPro using Chrome, clicking the Create button results in a very quick response, 1 second or less.
On a Windows 10 machine with MS Edge the same thing takes 2+ seconds.

Which is an awfully long time to wait for almost nothing to happen.
According to my research, the problem seems to be slow rendering in MS Edge caused by lack of Edge Web Component support.
But the bigger problem is that this makes Vaadin Flow apps almost unusable in Edge.

So, anyone else having problems with this?


Hordur Thordarson

Sorry to hear about the issue with Edge.

Now that Microsoft discontinued EdgeHTML and replaced it with Chrome based rendering, Edge should be as fast as Chrome. Pre-release is already out. Timeline for GA and the Windows update with it is still unknown.

In any case, Microsoft will probably now fix this problem faster than Vaadin’s team could or what it would take to rewrite.

Hi Joonas,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I am aware that MS has discontinued EdgeHTML and will replace it with the Chrome engine, a very a good thing indeed. IE and Edge usage is still a significant part of browser usage, and in some areas/sectors like the one I work for a lot, it is much higher as Windows is very dominant and many people use only the browsers that come with the OS.

In any case I just wanted to see if other users were having similar problems and had any “solutions” to share.

Our solution in this case was to rewrite the app. We were initially using a Grid with custom cell components (combobox fex) and in-cell editing of values in the Grid, which resulted in a completely unusable UI in Edge.

The rewritten app removes the Grid and reduces the number of comboboxes. That solved the problem for us. That is of course not the UI we wanted to build, but at least it is as fast as we expect it to be.

Let’s hope MS gets this mess sorted out ASAP.

Best regards,

Hordur Th.


I’m currently using Vaadin 14 (14.1.21) with spring boot. The application works fine with Chrome but it is not loaded in both Edge and in Firefox. Can you please help me in this regard?

Best Regards,
Priyadharshini Balavadivel

Hi Priyadharshini,

Your question has nothing to do with this thread which is about slow rendering of Vaadin apps in IE and Edge browsers.
You should start a new thread with your question and you also need to provide some more information as “My app doesn’t work in Firefox” does not give people a lot to go on if they are to help you.

Today Vaadin by default works great in both Edge and Firefox so there is something specific to your app that is failing in Edge/Firefox. Maybe an add-on or some third party JS library or a number of other possible things.

Best regards

Hordur Th.