vaadin Flow: Label does not react when styled in Designer

I have a label in my View inside a formItem, belonging to a checkbox.
I styled the label with “display:block; text-align:right” as I wanted the text being displayed near to the checkbox.
When now accessing this label programmatically, it does not react, neither when I try to influence the visibility nor the text. The checkbox reacts OK by the way.
When I delete the styling, the label reacts normally.
Is this a bug, or did I something wrong with my CSS im spite of the fact that it looks ok as well in Designer as in the web?
Or is likely the reason that I have a multiple wrapping in this formItem, containing a HorizontalLayout with two FormItems, inside the checkboxes plus Label?
Thank you very much in advance, Elke


    VaadinLabel lblVe= new VaadinLabel("lblVe");
    lblVe.value = "Vendor";"v-Bold";

Dear Matimba

Your code did not work for me ( I tried in my companion class; class VaadinLabel not found, not possible), where should I implement this?
myView.getMyLabel().getStyle().set(“display”, “block”);
myView.getMyLabel().getStyle().set(“text-align”, “right”);

works. I did not find the getStyle().set() chain before.
So thank you very much.
Best, Elke

Please note
VaadinLabel lblVe= new VaadinLabel(“lblVe”);
lblVe.value = “Vendor”;“v-Bold”;

The lblVe label must also exist in your html or interface and with the same name and domb ID, cos if the label name is not in your GUI then you will get that error

Thank you once more, dear Matimba.
My Label IS in the html of course, and I used the getter in the companiom class.
Now I tried your recommendation: styling by code in the companion class itself.
The syntax you wrote is not accepted, mine (analogous to what I sent before) is ok:
myLabel.getStyle().set(“display”, “block”); myLabel.getStyle().set(“text-align”, “right”);
Accessing this label styled in the companion class, it reacts on visible/non visible change, but the styling is not there.
So this really seems to be a bug in Designer.
But my workaround I found by hazard (doimg the styling by code outside the companion class, as I wrote in my first posting) is working altough not the purpose of Designer. So I think this thread may be closed.
best, Elke