Vaadin example for submiting form into data base (using best designe patter

I started to read the Vaadin book for some days, but I 'am press to develope my first application with Vaadin and I understand better with examples.
I need orientation or even some lines of code in a simple application that submit form into databe . Keeping in mind that I’d like to use the DAO pattern and other pattern that will indicate to me which is best suited to Vaadin to separate the user interface from the business layer and manipulate the database.
Med Anis

Hello Med Anis,

You are asking for whole prototype!!! Anyway Will checkout if I have any in my quickstarts. If not will have to write one and submit it. BTW, you wish to use EJB3 as part of the quikstart?

  • Krishna.

Hello Krishna and thank you for your reply,
I don’t want to use EJB 3 because I’m using TOMCAT.
Med Anis,