Vaadin Elements - Combo Box - Styling the arrow drop down

Hello everyone,

I have been using using polymer vaadin combobox, it has been working great. I have been able to style it for instance:
–paper-input-container-color: white;

But I do need to change the color of the arrow drop down iron icon to be white on open or closed state since the combobox will be in a darker web page.

I tried this:
–iron-icon-fill-color: rgba(255, 255, 255,255);

but that does not work. Can any of you guys help me with this task?


with the master version of Vaadin Combo Box you can use custom paper-icon-button elements for the icons, and style them as well. See this JS Bin example:,output

This feature is a part of the coming up v1.1 release, which is currently in beta.