Vaadin Eclipse Plugin; project ex+import --> Error on ivy.xml

Hi all,
I found a small bug in the Vaadin Eclipse Plugin (v2.3.2)
and a (partial?) solution to it:

If after copying/ex+importing an Eclipse project called e.g. “oldproject”
( that was created by the Vaadin Eclipse Plugin )
to a new Eclipse project with a different name(!!)
you get an Error on ivy.xml
which is not visible when opening it
but visible when opening <project_properties>/JavaBuildPath/Libraries/
and there select one of three entries just called “Ivy”
and choose “Edit”, go to tab “Settings”
in field “Ivy settings path” (mostly with red mark)
Correct field “Ivy settings path”
from old generated fixed value for ‘project name’:
And after that change to tab “Main” in order to remove the second error
“A container already exists for the selected conf of the module”.
Here now you should see three entries in “Configurations” list
that were not there before.
Set the check mark for any configuration.
If the error vanishes: ok
If not: unset the check and try next configuration check marks
Click “finish”.

Alas, the old project name is still in the .classpath file after this procedure
as GIT shows me. But the consequences are small but still unknown…

Maybe someone knows this problem too?
Maybe the bug will get fixed in the plugin?

Thanks. Best regards, Daniel