Vaadin Eclipse Plugin error/failure

I have this issue using eclipse 3.7 indigo with the vaadin plugin

  • I create a new vaadin project

  • I change a few default settings:

  • runtime environment configuration is java6+vaadin+servlet3 (because I use tomcat 7)

I change a few other default settings (classnames , default package name etc)

I click finish , eclipse starts to create the project , but after a while the process stops, and I can only quit eclipse with the task managers end proccess commmand :frowning:

And when I restart Eclipse there is no clue of my new project in the project-explorer, but the project seems to be phisically created on my hard drive…

I attach a screenshot

is it an eclipse bug , or it is the vaadin plugin or both?

And what can be the solution?

hi Olah!

It’s hard to believe is an eclipse problem neither vaadin

A question, are you able to run successfully a simply vaadin app? how many add-ons you have, many?

Sometimes eclipse needs to recompile the widges, refresh, clean the project, clean the server and remove the browser cache.

If you can start a whole new eclipse workspace, create a simple project, then maybe you can move all the sources/jars from your existing project to the brand new workspace

Hope this help

How long have you waited at that point?
My guess is that the plug-in is downloading GWT JARs at that point, and for some reason it takes exceptionally long time - maybe because of a content inspection server on your network or something like that.

If you have killed Eclipse at that point, it might also be that you have corrupted GWT JARs in your eclipse configuration directory (myeclipseinstallation/configuration/com.vaadin.integration.eclipse/download/gwt-*). If that seems to be the case, the subdirectories for particular versions of GWT can be removed. Then make Eclipse re-download the required files by switching to another Vaadin version that needs e.g. a particular GWT version (Project Properties → Vaadin e.g. from 6.7.2 to 6.7.1, apply the change and then switch back to 6.7.2).