Vaadin Eclipse integration problem

I have been attempting to install the Vaadin 6 Eclipse plugin using the instructions at After several false starts involving unavailable? OSGI bundle software, I was able to get the plugin installed. However, the “Vaadin Project” facet does not appear when I try to create a new dynamic web project.

I am using the following Eclipse release:

Version: 3.4.1
Build id: M20080911-1700

Am I missing something? Is there a description of what the plugin does so that I can proceed manually?

BTW, your CAPTCHA does not work on Chrome v2.

Jim Bower

Could you try again now? I was unable to replicate the problem but it might’ve been something temporary.


Just checking how you try to add the Vaadin facet. I do it this way:

The basics: “new” → “Dynamic Web Project” → write some name to the project. At the same page, I got target runtime tomcat 6.0 with web module version 2.5, and it suggests as configuration “Default Configuration for Apache Tomcat v6.0”. From the dropdown I choose “Vaadin Project”.

What the facet does is make a package with a vaadin hello world class in it as example code, adds Vaadin jar under WebContent/WEB-INF/lib and modifies WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml

I have Chrome v2, and the captcha is shown correctly for me, I didn’t test doing an account as I already have one, but I’m quite certain I did my account with Chrome. At which point does it fail? Don’t you see the image or doesn’t it just accept your input?

Thanks for answering, Jens. I get to the facet the same way that you do, only the “Vaadin Project” option does not appear in my system. I’ll proceed from modifying the demo system, though.

The CAPTCHA appeared properly. It was a set of 4 numbers with some lines through them. I could not get the system to accept them, though. I kept getting verification errors. I succeeded in getting this account by using Firefox.

Are you part of the Finnish team? I have spent a lot of very enjoyable time in Finland.

Thanks again,

Hello Jim,

I remember there on some computers were problems getting the Vaadin project option into the configuration dropdown in the create dynamic web project view. If I remember correctly it was still possible to create a Vaadin project by clicking the “Modify…” button beside the configuration dropdown and from there choosing the Vaadin Eclipse Integration facet.

After creating a normal Dynamic Web Project it should also be possible to add the Vaadin facet through the Project Properties → Project Facets view.


Thanks, Jonatan,

I tried both of those. It appears that the facet has not been created. It does not appear on either list.

Jim Bower

This is not a Vaadin issue but a common Eclipse problem, which I have run into also a couple of times when updating Eclipse plugins. Some times it seems to originate in a problem with Mylyn (removing Mylyn has resolved it) but some times it has seemed to be totally unrelated to that. If you remove some plugins you might get it to work, otherwise my only advice would be to install a fresh version of Eclipse and reinstall all plugins.

Very weird, apparently Chrome does something weird and can’t submit the CAPTCHA correctly. Jens found the bug in the Liferay issue-tracker so others apparently have noticed the same.

We are in Finland yes, lovely time of the year here right now - for once its bright, sunny and warm :).


I also had some problems with the eclipse plugin. It gave me a mysterious error message when I went to a projects properties and opened up the Vaadin tab. I didn’t bother fixing it because I haven’t needed it recently on that machine. I decided to see if can reproduce your problem, so I uninstalled the plugin and deleted everything under eclipse/plugins starting with com.vaadin (a folder and a .jar). I also removed the whole repo from eclipse and readded it.

After a reinstall I created a new project and could not reproduce your problem - Vaadin was listed in the configuration. Better yet, it also fixed the problem I had, and I haven’t got the error message anymore. Maybe you could try out this?