Vaadin docs Assistant not responding

Looks this is down Not getting any responses. Any alternative URL ?

It seams to be back again

Seems still down. Not providing any responses

Any other chat gpt link other than the official ? Looks I got addicted to this way of getting answers and the official ones are blocked here

This is not official just a hobby project.

You can use any of the generative AI tools or just search in the documentation

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It’s down because Pinecone changed their setup and I haven’t had time to re-create the index using their new serverless functions.

Thanks for the response. Hope you find sometime to fix this soon

Created an issue for the same with a solution (not tested but for reference) Link is down. Not getting any responses · Issue #1 · marcushellberg/docs-assistant · GitHub

I updated it to a new (even more experimental) version using Spring AI and Vaadin 24.4.

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This version is significantly more efficient compared to the previous.

It’s using gpt-4o instead of gpt-3.5-turbo so it should be quite a lot smarter (I hope). Still needs some work on the chat memory management and I’d like to explore some more advanced RAG strategies. Hopefully we’ll get the official one out at some point.