Vaadin Directory Application

Hi all!

Sorry by this strange question, but the Vaadin Directory Application is avaliable under Apache LIcence too? -_-

In my company, we have a Reusable Software Asset policy, and we will need build an Application to distribute this reusable components, and control their access in order to have statistical information about their usage, etc.

And, if the Vaadin Directory Application was a free avaliable application, we will be happy to use their structure to build our application over, as Vaadin is absolutelly free, this idea comes in my mind :)…

Many thanks by any information!

Eduardo Frazão


The Vaadin Directory is currently not open source and is largely for the specific purposes of an application shop. The basic architecture is designed to be reusable, nevertheless making it a generic web shop software would require some modifications.

Our aim is to provide all sorts of customer-centered solutions, especially open source, as most of our products are. Making Directory a reusable web shop framework would be a very interesting possibility. We’ll have to discuss it further so please,
contact us