vaadin dialog draggable

I am using the vaadin dialog in using LitElement. Here is an example!/sugared-puffin?path=app.js:40:9
I would like to make it move around by dragging the dialog. Is it possible at all with the current version? Appreciate for the help .

Hi Jaleel, this feature is still work in progress and has no releases. Once the PR gets merged, we can release the first alpha version.

Thanks Tomi for the reply.

Hi Tomi, can you describe how to test this version of dialog in a Java-Application.
Thanks a lot

This feature is still pending release, but it has now been implemented, see

Tatu, thanks!

But what am I missing? The demo works fine out of the git.

Other applications compile well with


but the dialog is not draggable and not resizable.

Thank you vaadin team