Vaadin Designer in Intellij - problem syncing backend code

Hi Guys,

I have been trying to get the Vaadin Designer in Intellij to work. I know it is a Beta, I have actually been trying since the first closed release.

Everything seems to work great except I cannot figure out how to get the designer to regenerate my backing .java code. When I use the eclipse version the backing .java file is created/updated every time I save my .html file in the designer.

Is this no longer the case? Am I missing something?

Hi Shawn,

Have you tried the latest version of IntelliJ plugin ( If not, lets try to update the plugin to the latest version. It should work with the same behaviour in Eclipse plugin.

If updating the plugin still doesn’t work, could you please provide me more information about your developemnt environment (what is your OS, java version, intelliJ version,…) and the project structure (Maven project, plain java project or …). It would be nice if you can describe the steps when you create a new design, what happens with the Designer, does it show any error or strange things in IntelliJ?

Best regards,