Vaadin Designer horizontal and vertical scrollbar

Hello everyone,

I made a couple of interfaces with the Vaadin Designer plugin in Ecplipse, but I have problem with the size of them. The responsiveness works fine so far, but as the view gets smaller I need it to be scrollable. I achieved this previously by putting everything in a panel, but with the Vaadin Designer this doesn’t work because I can’t put a panel as the highest Element, it always starts with an VerticalLayout as shown in the screenshot.

How can I put a panel around the whole ui?


you should be able to use a Panel as the root component. If you start with a blank template, just use a Panel as the first component in the design. If you have an existing design, you can use the Wrap With… menu item (right click on tree) to wrap the root layout with a Panel.


Okay thank you, that worked fine.

But since I changed the background color of the panel I have a problem at the bottom of my application where the panel ends. On my other applications which are made without the Vaadin Designer the panel always goes to the bottom of the screen, no matter how big it is. Here it stops at 900 pixels, even if I put the height to 100%.

How can I achieve that? That the panel always goes to the bottom. The attached picture shows the issue.

Check the place where you include the design to your Java code. Is the containing layout also full size?