Vaadin dependency in isn't working

Hello guys:

I’m trying to create a bootstrap application in, but I can’t select Vaadin dependency, it’s disabled for selection, I was changed spring boot version but nothing happens.

What’s the right way to create a Vaadin Application with Springboot? Thanks !

Hi Julio. There was an incompatibility between Vaadin and Spring Boot 2.1, but it has now been fixed in Vaadin 12.0.0.beta1 and will be shortly released for Vaadin 10 and 11 too. So either you have to wait till next Monday (I think), or downgrade the Spring version to 2.0. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Another way of getting a Vaadin & Spring boot project is to use the project base from, but unfortunately there you cannot opt-in for other Spring features like in

It’s ok, thanks Pekka !!!