Vaadin default loader v-loading-indicator load quickly, how ?


I am using v-loading-indicator style to add loader in my project. I am using vaadin 8.1.7

after click on any button I want to start loader quickly and close after response landing.

now its taking time to start.

  1. how can I start v-loading-indicator quickly ?

Hi anyone, help me for above issue ?

Hi, you won’t be able to achieve that easily since UI modifications are done on the server side and transferred to the client via GWT RPCs. So a style change wouldn’t be realized until the server returns a response.

If you server response is long, you could background threads to do the server operation and return instantly, and then use polling or server push to communicate the long operation’s results to the client.

Another option might be to use some kind of custom client side component to add styling separate from Vaadin UI operations.