Vaadin Datepicker value changed on pressing <enter>

I’m using <vaadin-date-picker> tag and I found out that when I start typing date (Format - dd/mm/yyyy) then I noticed that I typed year 1993 and after pressing <enter> key it changed to 1994 (sometimes 1992) and replacing it with the same value and again pressing <enter> works fine.
Note: It only happened in MacOS, I don’t know what to do?

Note that the default format shown is mm/dd/yyyy not dd/mm/yyyy. If you input a month bigger than 12 it will roll over to the next year. If you want to use a different display format you need to override datepicker.i18n.formatDate and datepicker.i18n.parseDate methods. See example at

Thanks, I was so stupid ignoring the format, I’ll read the documentation if there’s any option to specify our own format