Vaadin dashboard-demo compilation problem 7.5.9

I downloaded Vaadin
and successfully compiled the widgetset and ran the application. The vaadin version in the current pom.xml is 7.5.5. When I change it to the latest version (7.5.9), I can still successfully compile the widgetset but when I run the web app under jetty, I get the attached error on my browser.

All other versions including 7.5.8 work but I think there is a change in 7.5.9 that broke the application.


Hallo Abbas,

I cannot confirm the problem. In Eclipse, Run As → Maven Build… → Goals vaadin:compile tomcat:run

works fine, as expected.

Hmm… but you mentioned Jetty. Will do that from the Command line now.

It seems that
mvn vaadin:compile
does not work when first checked out.
mvn -Pproduction-mode jetty:run
does work, but using the WebApp yields that the widgetset wasn’t compiled.
mvn vaadin:compile -Pproduction-mode jetty:run
Afterwards finally will work: compile the widgetset, then run on Jetty.

So still I cannot see why you have the problem mentioned in the OP.


I use the following command to compile the client-side, since the project uses
to optimize the client-side components, I have to run the following to compile and then vaadin:compile

mvn compile vaadin:compile

After that I managed to run 7.5.9 successfully. I am not sure what the problem was originally. But thanks for your help.