Vaadin Crud Window - not scrollable on Tablet/Mobile


I’m using Vaadin 14 and Vaadin com.vaadin.flow.component.crud.Crud to display some data. I have a problem. The edit form that I give to Vaadin Crud is too large so it doesn’t fit the window so the content must be scrollable. This works fine on desktop but when I go on my Tablet, I just can’t get it to work.
The content doesn’t fit so it looks horrible. I just need a scrollable on this window. I create the form using Vaadin Designer. Tried overflow:scroll… Nothing worked.

Please share if you have any ideas,
R. B.

I’ve few suggestions.

  1. There is a new component Scroller - try this
  2. Set a size to the dialog window

The problem was in vaadin version. There was a specific problem with that version but now I changed it and it works.