Vaadin Copilot Dev Tool in 24.3?

Hello all, I was in the process of updating one of my personal projects to vaadin 24.3 and noticed in the dev-bundle that a package called com.vaadin:copilot had been added. It looks like it is augmenting the development tools, however I was not able to find any documentation about its addition. I actually only stumbled upon it by seeing the elements for it in the dom as well as accidentally activating it during a debug session of my application. The UI looks like the following.

In the use case for my personal project it is not a big deal however I was a little alarmed that this was added and I seem unable to find any documentation as to what it does or the data it collects. I primarily think about this in regards to its application in enterprise applications where some entites may wish to disable it while they work on their AI policy however I cannot find any supporting documentation on how one would exclude it from running altogether.

It seems to be enabled by pressing shift twice which seems a little too easy considering the potential privacy and confidentiality concerns around using LLMs especially in enterprise environments.

If anyone has any insights or can point me to documentation on the tool that would be greatly appreciated. In my search the closest I could find was this blog article which references the Vaadin teams experimentation with LLMs as well as this new repository looking to collect issues for the integration

It’s not official released at this stage. Just exclude the jar and you are good to go.

I guess I was just surprised to see it included without any documentation at all by default. I would have thought it to be something explicitly included in that case