Vaadin Components experiment in Labs


Ready for some bleeding edge, experimental stuff to play with? Checkout the just released
Components 0.1 experiment from Labs
, which gives you Vaadin components packaged as Web Components.

Web Components
(i.e. Templates, Custom Elements, Shadow DOM and HTML Imports) are the next big evolution for the web platform, as you may have read from

by now. Since Vaadin has it’s
other foot firmly standing on the web platform
, we wanted to take a peak into the future, and try to bring some of the core components in Vaadin to HTML and JavaScript.

As said, this is purely an experiment, but we’ll continue working on it and see where it takes us.
We really want to hear your feedback and opinions
about the possibilities of this technology.

So please, check out the demos and code examples on the Labs page, and share your thoughts here on this forum thread. Thanks!

The v-grid component looks great is there any way to define column ordering and filtering

A quick documentation on various attributes on grid, etc. Will really help! Please do let me know if we already have one. Thanks.


The initial version of the v-grid element is very bare-bones. The only “feature” it currently has is the ability select rows. Sorting etc. is not yet exported from the GWT widget, but we’re working on a 0.2 version which should add most of the features from the GWT widget.

You might be able to build a filtering feature yourself by adding a text input in the header and implementing the data source logic using JavaScript. I haven’t tested if that works, but in theory at least :slight_smile:

As for documentation, that is also coming with 0.2. Currently the best option is to read the
source code for the web component integration
, and look for any field with the @JsProperty annotation.

Just a quick update for everyone: 0.2.0 is now released. Go to the
Labs page
again to see the updated demos and follow the
Getting Started instructions
on GitHub if you want to try it out yourself.