Vaadin Component Extension Bean Serialization/Deserialization

Hello all,
I’m building a custom component extension with Vaadin 7.0.3 for just adding my custom tooltip (actually I’ve written a GWT wrapper around the
qTip2 JS library
that i’d like to publish to the directory).

I’ve already built a simple component extension without any problem previously.
I’ve created my Vaadin project and a new Vaadin Widget.
Coded what i needed.
Written my shared state for passing tooltip configuraition object from server to client and extended the AbstractExtensionConnector.

The shared class is simply the follow:

public class QtipExtensionState extends SharedState {

    private static final long serialVersionUID = -5902332489332191551L;

    public QtipAdjust adjust;
    public QtipContent content;

    public QtipHide hide;
    public QtipShow show;
    public QtipStyle style;
    public QtipTitle title;
    public QtipPosition position;
    public QtipMode mode = QtipMode.STANDARD_TIP;

    public boolean tipEnabled;
    public boolean inject;
    public boolean persistent;


The class itself is pretty easy, as you can see.

All the beans included in this class implements serializable

My problem is that in my client-side code I’m receiving Constructed Beans but empty
while the enum QtipMode and the other boolean values are correctly sent to the client.

Could someone please help me understanding what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you very much,

Guglielmo Moretti