Vaadin ComboBox default value not working when using Lazy Loading

Dear all,

I am using the web component vaadin-combobox with lazy loading (using dataProvider). The lazy loading is working well.
My list of items presents in the combo box is as follow:
[{id: 1, label: “Label 1”, {id:2 , label: “Label 2”}}]

However, i would like to be able to define a default value when loading the combobox. So when I load the combobox, the default value is already displayed and selected (for example “Label 2”)

I have tried to use the .value property, however i am getting the following warning:
“unable to determine the label for the provided value. Nothing to display in the text field. This usually happens when setting an initial value before any items are returned from the dataProvider callback. Consider setting selectedItem instead of value

I have tried with selectedItem property also, however i am not able to make it working.

What is the correct way to do it ?

Thanks a lot for your help

I created an example based on your description. See if it helps.

Great it works, it seems that I was missing this property: item-id-path=“id”
Thanks for your help