vaadin-combo-box doesn't show the list of items

I’m learning the basics of vaadin elements, i tried to add the following combo box to an angular project

The problem is that the combo-box shows up with an empty list of elements, except for the default “Bromine” value. In order to reproduce the problem, download the quickstart example here,
, add the combo-box inside the hero-detail.component.ts (in the template section), add the import inside app.module.ts and the directive inside index.html.

any hint?
thanks in advance


Hi! From my experience Polymer elements (like vaadin-combo-box) don’t work 100% with Angular2. Are you using
angular2-polymer directive
? That might solve your issues.

Is the list of elements truly empty, or does it contain blank rows for your elements?

If the latter, you ight look at issue #446 at

The combo box certainky works well for me in Angular 4.1. FWIW I don’t use the short form of items – instead explicitly:

[{label: ‘this’, value: ‘that’}, … ]