updated to Liferay 6

Hi All,

A moment ago the site itself was upgraded to Liferay 6.0.6 CE. You will notice a few minor changes, but mostly things should work the same as they used to.

If you experience any problems, please let us know:

Hi Sami,

I monitor the forums via RSS; this doesn’t seem to work any more… any particular reason for that?



Update - after a little investigation, and for what it’s worth, the RSS url’s have changed slightly - or, more specifically, the name of the request attribute for the category which specifies which category to monitor has changed from catgoryId to mbCategoryId

Old :


This wouldn’t be so bad, except that there isn’t a handy link to the RSS feed on each category like there used to be. So I’ve got to manually update my reader with each URL!



Yes, I noted the same issue with the RSS feeds. But I’m also having trouble with forum searches coming up empty.

Thanks for reporting these issues.

I fixed the forum RSS URLs with a redirect so that the old feed URLs should now redirect to the new ones. I’ll see what can be done with the forum search.

Thanks Teemu : the feeds have now started to work again.

The search issues should now be resolved and the forum search is working again.

Please let us know if you still encounter any problems.

Many times it seems that the “Subscribe” of a thread in the forum does not work.
I click on “Subscribe” on top of the thread, but when I come back 1-2 days later, I’m no longer subscribed to that thread… ?

This is an unfortunate bug in the Liferay Message Boards portlet. This has been discussed
in more detail. We’re waiting for the next Liferay release to fix this issue.

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