vaadin ckeditor

i’m trying to work with ckeditor and vaadin and so far i ve added the jar file into my vaadin project (lib) but when i make a widgetset compilation it gives me the following error

Message de la page Web

Failed to load the widgetset: /test/VAADIN/widgetsets/com.example.test.TestApplicationWidgetset/com.example.test.TestApplicationWidgetset.nocache.js?1316104998916


how can i encounter this problem

Odd subject since this doesn’t sound like it’s related to ckeditor at all. The error is far more basic than anything to do with that component.

By “Vaadin project lib” are you talking about the typical location of WebContent/WEB-INF/lib? The JARs need to be there. Otherwise, I’m not sure what is wrong and hopefully a Vaadin expert can help you with that.

that ’ s exactly what i meant by "vaadin project "
to make it more specifik ,when i try to run my project on the server it launches the following error message :“failed to load the widgetset …”
still can’t figure out where went wrong