[vaadin-charts] v3.1 Hoe to set the 'No Data' message

The javadocs talk about using the Lang.setNoData() option, but I can’t find where to get/set a Lang object and apply it to the configuration. (Lang looks like a js client-side connector extension…can I get to this from the server-side api?)
How do I set the no data message using the vaadin-charts java api?


Lang options as well as theme are global for all charts in a UI.

You can set them like this:

Lang es = new Lang(); es.setNoData("No hay datos para mostrar"); ChartOptions.get().setLang(en); Hope this helps,


Aha! Great! Thank you! That makes sense to make them global.
I couldn’t find anything in the documentation about this…is this documented somewhere?
Many thanks,

Looks like Lang configuration is not included in current documentation, there’s a mention to ChartOptions in
Basic Use Section
but it’s related to theme.