[Vaadin Charts] - Timeline tasks


I need to implement a tasks timeline in my application and I would like to know from someone more experienced if Vaadin Charts Timeline fulfill all my requirements, and, if not, what would be my alternatives

The perfect component would be:

  1. X Axis = time
  2. Y Axis would be a dataset containing several taks.
  3. Each task have a initial and final time
  4. Each task would be plotted as a horizontal bar
  5. The chart would show several equipments on Y axis, each equipment containint their own timeline of tasks

Requirements 1 to 5 would fulfilled by


  1. The chart must have a zoom/detail just like

So, it it possible to join Master Detail Chart with ColumnRangeResourceUsage?


I think you should be able to joint those examples pretty easily. Chart are so lightweight that you can easily just completly redraw the detail part in ChartSelectionListener, so you have full control to it.


Ok, thank you