Vaadin Charts - Step line and multiple y axis in Timeline

Hello all,

i’am currently testing the Vaadin Charts addon and I have two questions:

Is it planned that Vaadin charts supports the step option one day, since I have to display some boolean time series? (plotOptions, line, step in Highcharts) or
Is it planned that Vaadin timeline supports multiple y axis?

Thank you very much and best regards


Step line support is now on its way to 1.1.2 release. While waiting for a release you can test this with a snapshot build from our source repository or use my fresh custom build from:

Ticket for the step line:

Adding multiple axis support for the Timeline part would be more difficult task and it is currently not on our roadmap. Feel free to make an enhancement ticket about it. If you can deal with “non scrollable” timelines you can use the newer charts for drawing them. In can handle surprisingly large datasets for lines, especially if you e.g. disable shadows. Also you can use its zoom tool to view a more detailed portion of the chart.


Thank you for your answers Matti, the snapshot works great. I think i’ll experiment with a combination of and some simple “every n’th datapoint” approach for big series.