Vaadin Charts Problems formatting x axis

I am having difficulties formatting xasis values with vaadin charts for vaadin6.
As far as I undestand :

 		XAxis xaxis = new XAxis();	
		xaxis.getLabels().setFormatter("function() {return Math.floor(this.value/1) + ''}");

should format the values in x axis as 2009, 2010 etc.
What I get instead is 2,009 2,010 etc.

What am I missing ?

Think your browser is using your Locale settings…
Not a Javascript expert but I think you can force it to do normal decimal convertion using:
“function() {return Math.floor(this.value/1).toString(10); }”
Dont think you need the /1 btw…

Hi Petrus,

just tested your solution but it didn’t change the behavior; on a side note … i tested the js on a plain html file and it works as expected

FYI : it works … just some kind of weird cache problem