Vaadin Charts not displaying data on server


I am using Vaadin Charts on a Vaadin 6 application, deploying locally and on a cloud server, in both cases using Java 6, Linux, Tomcat 7. The only difference I see is that locally I use Oracle’s Java 6.0.45, while on the cloud server I am using Java Ice Tea 6.0.27.

I developed a view/window that contains 2 vaadin charts; this works perfectly on my local machine, both from within Eclipse and when I manually deploy the war into a local tomcat instance; however, moving the same war file to the cloud server does not display data series.

I got the account pro, and I a using the license file, deployed in the user directory. Upon using the file in my local machine, it was successfully recognized, stopping the message about lack of license.

However, on the cloud server, no messages are displayed, no errors are thrown, just data is not displayed (however, titles and axis are displayed as expected). Attached are screenshots of the page running from my local machine and from the cloud server.

The web-inf/lib directory contains the 3 files required by vaadin charts add-on (commons-io-1.4, gson-2.2, vaadin-charts-vaadin6-1.1.2).

is this a license issue?

thanks in advance,

Antonio Rodriguez

Solving my own issue - this was as suspected, a java version issue. Replacing Ice Tea with the Oracle JVM fixes this. Something to either keep in mind, or solve at the add-on level?

I consider this issue (almost) closed - need to actually implement in the actual production server.

Antonio Rodriguez