Vaadin Charts - License HTML Usage

Hey I have a Pro Tools license for Vaadin Charts. The instructions aren’t clear about how to use it for HTML elements on a web server. Anyone else have any luck using this on a live server? My server runs Cent OS 6 and Apache.

Also on my index.html on my server it isn’t finding:


[/code](I did not want to install Bower on the server so I am using CDN instead)

Thanks! seems to have incorrect information. Charts is still in beta so the correct url is

Hi Friends,
I have the problem. I am not able to run the Vaadin Project on Tomcat sercer 7.0.67 .on Centos 7. I am able to run the tomcat server from Eclips as well. but not working my project . it was saying error like. HTTP- Status 404- resource not avaliable. i new in Vaadin . If any one knows please replye me.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi. Can you repost in more suitable category and delete this post. Or does you issue somehow relate to Vaadin Charts Elements?

Also I need some more details about your proejct to solve your problem.

This is just an example, there is a comment below in docs:
“Again, notice to specify the correct version number for Charts.”
But still, we will take a look how to make it clearer.

It works, thanks! :slight_smile: