[Vaadin Charts] javascript errors IE8

The Charts add-on seems to be giving problems in Internet explorer 8 (version: 8.0.6001.18702)
We are using Vaadin 2.7.5 with Charts 1.6.
If a chart is displayed on the first login-view there is no problem but as soon as I navigate to the second view it gives the following javascript error: ‘Type mismatch push - vaadinpush.js, line 25 character 131504’
.pointer is null or not an object - page, line 1 character 1’
If the chart is displayed in another view it will not load correctly and display following javascript error: ‘Object expected - page, line 1 character 1’

Both problems are tested with the source code from the
demo website
which also gives following javascript error ‘Could not get the type property. Invaldid argument - charts, line 1 character 1’.