Vaadin Charts: FunnelCharts - setWidth() is missing

The width of the top of the funnel is way too big (even in the Vaadin demo). As a result in my app, the labels describing the funnel layers are getting cut off. I didn’t see any way of changing this in PlotOptionsFunnel. But in the HighCharts demo (, there is a width style property that, when set, changes the top as I want. Am I missing something or was that just not included in the API? Any help is much appreciated.

Hello? Is anyone able to help? Since there doesn’t appear to be a way to set the funnel width using PlotOptionsFunnel (API oversight?), is there any other way of setting this? Perhaps with css? Any help/suggestions are much appreciated.

Hi Thomas,

This does seem to be an API oversight. I don’t know why API for this hasn’t been added, but it should be. Could you please file a ticket for this at
? If you have a pro account, you can then mark it for bugfix priority to speed up the processing.


Thanks for the acknowledgement. I created the ticket:

As an aside (and I annotated this in the ticket), your ticketing system doesn’t let me pick the version number for Charts from the drop-down. Might be useful to add that.