Vaadin-charts-flow-svg-generator seems to ignore AnnotationItemLabel

after migrating from Vaadin 23 to Vaadin 24 we noticed that some labels were missing in our charts exports. We’re using vaadin-charts in combination with the vaadin-charts-flow-svg-generator.

As stated in the migration guide we had to replace HtmlLabels and HtmlLabelItem with AnnotationItemLabel.

When I create a label like this it’s visible in the UI but not in the SVG export:

var label = new AnnotationItemLabel("Some label");
label.setPoint(new AnnotationItemLabelPoint(50, 50));

Is it possible that AnnotationItemLabels are simply ignored by the SVG generator plugin right now?

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like a bug. I recommend creating a new issue here: Issues · vaadin/flow-components · GitHub with a small reproducible example.

Done: vaadin-charts-flow-svg-generator seems to ignore AnnotationItemLabel · Issue #6230 · vaadin/flow-components · GitHub
Thanks :+1: