Vaadin Charts Addon 3.2.0

Hello every one,

I’m now developing a new Vaadin web app which is using " Vaadin Charts Addon 3.2.0 ". Actually I’m not that new with Vaadin chart that I’ve used it for relatively a long time and I was always satisfied but I still have questions need your help with :

In my case I have multiple y-axes with multiple data containers and I’m implementing “ChartSelectionListener” to store the previous zoom levels as a history for that reason I must take care of the zooming process instead. That quiet easy for the x-axis because it’s unique and for the first y-axis because I can get the new value from the event listener but I’m not able to get the new values for the others. should I calculate them relatively to the first y-axis? Or there is any magic solves the problem easier?

For the previous reason I’m using also setMax() , setMin() or setExtremes() for zooming. These methods are working very well for the x-axis but for the y-axis not. It seems to me that Vaadin tries to calculate a new “min” and “max” to achieve a better ticks value but that what I don’t want. Can I (deactivate) this calculation or modify it? I know that I can do this manually by doing the ticking my self but I prefer to use an automatic one if there is?

Thank you in advance and Regards,


Any suggestions please…!