Vaadin Charts Add-On

Hi, is there a possibility to use the new Vaadin Charts Add-On to build Vaadin portlets for Liferay?

I tried to use JFreeChart together with JFreeChartWrapper and this works nicely, but the wrapper does not allow you to “slide” through the dataset using the SlidingCategoryDataset for example. This because the wrapper displays an image of the chart. Therefore all charts are pretty static and I would like a more dynamic user experience.
JFreeChartWrapper also requires to recreate the chart each time new data is added to the chart which seems to be a little inefficient.

So my question is, does Vaadin Chart Add-On have the same behaviour when used in a portal context or are there better solutions to achieve such behaviour? (Please only mention solutions that can be used together with Vaadin).





Vaadin Charts works perfectly in portal environments. You should definitely give it a try. Top reasons to use it over JFreeChart:

  • MUCH better look and feel out of the box
  • better support for interactions (clicks, zooms etc)
  • more efficient dynamic updates (adding a point to existing chart just sends the new point to browsers as where the JFreeChart based solution needs a complete redraw)