Vaadin Charts 3 - Timeline with monthly data - 3m not possible


using vaadin charts 3 and the timeline feature I add a series that contains monthly data.
The data itself has 1 datapoint for each month. (e.g.{[01. Jan 15, 1]
, [01. Feb 15, 2]
, [01. Mar 15, 3]
, [01. Apr 15, 3]
} and so on).

Using this setup I cant select the 3m in the range selector. I do not know why. Is there something I missed?


By default range selector buttons with range smaller that the XAxis minimum range are disabled. And the minimum range of the axis by default is five times the smallest interval between any of the data points, that would be 5 months in your case.

The idea behind this is that zooming that much with the granularity you have in the data is not helping with the data visualization.

If you want to enable the button you can change the XAxis minRange, remember that for time based axis units is milliseconds.

If you don’t want to show disabled buttons you can set custom buttons in RangeSelector#setButtons()

Hope this helps

Thank you, that was it!

I’m glad it helped!