Vaadin Charts 2.0.0 Export to SVG after Zoom

Export of charts to PDF or SVG working. Export of a zoomed chart results in SVG-File with chart without zoom. The SVGGenerator uses chart configuration (chartWindow.getChart().getConfiguration()) to create SVG-File. Is there a way to get the configuration with current zoom?

public StreamSource createSVGStreamSource() {
    return new StreamSource() {
        public InputStream getStream() {
            int width = UI.getCurrent().getPage().getBrowserWindowWidth();
            int height = UI.getCurrent().getPage().getBrowserWindowHeight();
            String svg = SVGGenerator.getInstance().generate(chartWindow.getChart().getConfiguration(), width, height);
            if (svg != null) {
                return new ByteArrayInputStream(svg.getBytes());
            return null;


I have the same problem. Does anyone know how to do this?