Vaadin Chart


I am using the vaadin chart. In the chart I want to apply filter in XAxis. For an example the X axis is having value like Jan, Feb, all the month. If I select Jan means Jan will only display on XAxis and viceversa. How I can achive this. Please help. please find the attachment.

Could you use drill down here? It’s a new feature coming in 2.1, but you can already try it out with the newest release candidate. See the demo here:

Thanks for quick update. But I want in different scenario. Like All the XAxis values will be in checkboxes. According to the checkbox selection the chart will behave. I saw the demo here:

But this chart is working on the values , lets say london. If I select or deselect the london bar will appear or dissappear. Similarilly I want for XAxis valus let say Jan means the jan portion will dissappear . So the chart will display from Feb to Dec. Again if I select means then jan should come.

Any update ??? please help.