Vaadin Chart License

We have a highchart OEM license. Recently we have started using Vaddin and vaadin charts. Can We resuse the Vaadin charts with our high chart OEM license? We cant buy two separete licesne for the same product.


While Vaadin Charts uses HighCharts JS as a low-level library, its added value is the Vaadin server-side component Java API, as well as the Timeline component.

Therefore, you need the Vaadin Charts CVAL license to use it; a HighCharts license is not enough.

While Vaadin Charts is based on a sub-licensed HighCharts JS, through an OEM license probably similar to yours, the license does not include a license for the regular HighCharts JS, only the one included in the Vaadin Charts product. Also, Vaadin Charts support is given by Vaadin, not by HighCharts.

Nevertheless, CVAL does not disallow using the included low-level libraries directly, without the server-side API of Vaadin Charts. Just note that the per-developer licensing of Vaadin Charts applies to such use.

Sorry for possible inconvenience, but this is how our OEM license with HighCharts currently goes.

Thanks for the reply. I think we need to drop Vaadin and Vaadin charts for this project then. Since we already paid for a HighChart OEM license paying twice for the same product.

I will ask you to address this concern if possible with HighCharts. Because paying twice for customers like us is simply not an option sometimes.

Ok. I’ll forward your question to our sales, they may be able to arrange a more suitable purchase option for you. However, as I noted above, we are essentially selling the Vaadin API for HighCharts, which is a separate product from HighCharts, even though the package includes that.

Good question.

I may have the same problem.

Hi Guilherme,

Ok, I forwarded also your email address to the sales guys, so they will hopefully contact you. You can contact them at I don’t know if they can give a better solution, but they are the best contacts regarding licensing arrangements.