Vaadin Chart , is scroll bar possible?

Hello Everyone,
I would like to know if these features are doable in Charts. For Stacked Bar chart, I have a large set of data say more than 40 bars to be displayed . and they are crowded and fairly looking small to read the bars. Is there a way of having a scroll bar so that i can scroll only the y axis ?
Or is there any other suggestion to present these 40 horizontal bars in the graph in a same layout but more in a readable format?

Thanks in Advance!


I am currently facing a similar problem as the one mentioned above. Is there any solution or work around available for this ?


Hi guys,

Unfortunately there’s no way to scroll only horizontally while leaving the y-axis visible, or the other way around. What you could do is give the chart a pixel width (setWidth(“1000px”)) and then put it inside a scrollable panel. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best thing I can think of right off the bat.


Hi Guys,
I am developing a TimeLine using Resource Chart. I tried the panel approach but that doesnt seem to solve my problem. As by scrolling it the X-axis and Y-axis also goes away. Is there any way through which I can make the X-axis and Y-axis constant.

Hi Hafiz,

Did you try to set the timeline to 100% width and a fixed height (in pixels) and add it inside a scrollable panel? This should keep the Y-axis visible, but scrolling vertically will hide the X-axis. Unfortunately this is all that we can do with this chart type :frowning: