Vaadin Chart: axis label without ellipses


I often create charts with categories on yAxis, and some label (category names) are quite long.
In the generated SVG the label is truncated with ellipses.
How can I tell vaadin chart to show the full label? the class do not have the needed properties.


Looks like Style is missing the textOverflow property. Could you create an issue for the missing API in
As a temporary workaround you can extend Style class to add the property like this:

public class StyleWithTextOverflow extends Style {

private String textOverflow;

public String getTextOverflow() {
    return textOverflow;

public void setTextOverflow(String textOverflow) {
    this.textOverflow = textOverflow;

[/code]And then use it like this:

StyleWithTextOverflow style = new StyleWithTextOverflow(); style.setTextOverflow("none"); config.getyAxis().getLabels().setStyle(style); Hope this helps,


Thanks, this is a very simple and useful workaround. I tested it and all is OK.

I also opened a ticket.

Great to hear it worked!