Vaadin Certification Webinar coming up!

To help you learn more about the Vaadin Certification, we invite you to join us for a special developer webinar on Thursday May 30th 2013 at 3PM (CEST time).
Duration: 45min.

We present you some demo and pointers for getting started and we also want to hear what you might have in mind.
If you have anything questions, Sami Ekblad and Sami Kaksonen from the team behind Vaadin will be there to help you.

See more and enroll now at

The Vaadin Certification Webinar is tomorrow!
If you already have some question you can post it here.:slight_smile:

Welcome to the Vaadin Certification Webinar!

The link to follow the webinar is:

Thank you very much for the webinar … I had some trouble with the connection, don’t know if this was on my side or yours. Anyway, looking forward to becoming a certified expert … but I will take a few days to read the “web-guys” chapters like widgets and theming first :slight_smile:

Thanks Jan - we will take a look the broadcast and see if there’s something we can learn from this (make the upcoming webinars even better). :slight_smile: