Vaadin CDI tutorial link

i am interested in Vaadin CDI.
In the documentation, in the section
Vaadin CDI Addons
there is a link to CDI Tutorial but it’s broken.
It is any posibility to fix it?

Yeah, I guess it’s meant to link to this page: . Thanks for pointing it out!

Should be
fixed now
, just needs to be deployed.


Still broken Vaadin CDI tutorial Link,
But i can get it through github

Upps It’s a pitty, i remembered 4 steps in Vaadin-CDi tutorial (in Vaadin-7) now all is broken and lost.
In the link we see the steps…
1 - Set up vaadin cdi project.
2 - Create UI’s and Views with Vaadin CDI
3 - Use injection in standard and vaadin CDI scoope
4 - Pass events between various parts of you application
5 - Set up acces control to your application

Where is that?
At the end of the article another link broken (II - injection and scope). You can acces in the left menu. In this secton i see the clasical hello example with a button.
I remeber in vaadin 7 doc a correct vaadin-cdi tutorial with steps. Again a pitty this copy and paste horrible.

Well at least we have:
The source code of the tutorial in tne github

The DOC- Vaadin CDI Add on

The “false” - vaadin CDI tutorial

Thanks for reporting the further issues! I’ve forwarded the feedback to our site management guys, hopefully they’ll get the links fixed soon.

Still uncomplete.

In the doc we can read in the section Vaadin CDI tutorial link:

Vaadin CDI

At the end of these tutorials you will have learned how to 

1 - Set up a Vaadin CDI project
2 - Create UI’s and Views with Vaadin CDI
3 - Use injection with standard and Vaadin CDI scopes
4 - Pass events between various parts of your application
5 - Set up access control for your application

But it is false (well the promise that i will have learned is difficult for me to achive because i can’t find any of these steps) , only we have II - Injection and scope at the end (the second step of the tutorial).
Where are those steps?
Only we have the github example.

We removed some articles as irrelevant when the site was upgraded, I’ll try to find out if anything related to this was included.

Indeed, further investigation revealed that some parts were not included in the migration plan. We are still trying to figure out if those parts were truly outdated (in which case we need to update the learning objectives), or left out by accident.

OK Anna,
Thanks for answering so quick. I understand that this part is affected for the migration to Vaadin 8. But it 's incomprehensible that you left that page of doc in that way (uncomplete and with references broken and lost). The example (cdi-tutorial) is so interested and it isn’t outdated, indeen the github we found it upgrade to vaadin 8. I think this damage the image of vaadin.

Agreed, our conversion process has broken for this particular subject. I hope we’ll get this fixed soon.