Vaadin CDI and EJB Deployment Issues

I’m having difficulty in deploying a Vaadin application to a glassfish server into which I have also deployed an EAR package which contains all of the EJBs that the application needs. These EJBs are also used by a number of other client (desktop) applications. I have defined remote and local interfaces to the session beans. I can successfully lookup and execute the remote beans from my desktop clients.
When building the Vaadin application, I have a dependency on the ejb which contains the EJBs. I am using the Vaadin CDI extension, and annotating the EJBs as such:
private BusinessMethodLocal businessMethod;

I’m using the Local interface because the EJBs are in the same jvm as the Vaadin application. When I attempt to deploy the vaadin application I get deployment failures because the vaadin app is attempting to load the same EJB into the glassfish container and the JNDI name is already bound. What this seems to suggest is that since I have a compile dependency for the ejb jar, it is also trying to deploy the EJBs. I have tried to separate out the interfaces and compile them into their own jar which I use as the dependency on the vaadin app, but that deploy fails because the session bean classes are not found.

Sorry if this is vague, but this is the first time I’ve run into this issue when using EJBs, so I’m thinking I’m missing something simple in either the build configuration or my usage of the Vaadin CDI add on.

Any help is greatly appreciated.