Vaadin calendar

I want step by step process for calendar addon to create using vaadin project. how to create pom.xml file. Is this necessary to compile widgets ? I thought ivy.xml enough to compile this widget. I didn’t get clear about this framework could you please help me.


You don’t need to have pom.xml if you don’t use maven. I assume you have created a new vaadin project with ‘Vaadin Plug-in for for Eclipse’, right?. Then all you need is to add new dependency to ivy.xml file and compile the widgetsets (This can be done using the ‘compile widgetsets’ -button
see section 16.2.2 from the Vaadin book

Hi, Thanks Jarno Rantala. I tried to use Vaadin calendar addon am getting error in myeclipse IDE while usng this line public class MUCEvent extends BasicEvent implements Cloneable[b]

[/b] . how can i resolve it. I have included calendar jar files. Could you please send me the link for calendar as a whole project. It will help me a lot to understand about the addons.

Hi . Am getting this error Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.VerifyError: JVMVRFY012 stack shape inconsistent; class=com/vaadin/server/Page, method=getJavaScript()Lcom/vaadin/ui/JavaScript;, pc=26 , while loading vaadin application. I used login.jsp page for login and used LDAP configuration for login validation. Everything is fine with login validation after loading VaadinUI application am getting error. Please help me to resolve this error as soon as possible.

This is not Vaadin related.

Most likely you are running into bug
of the Eclipse compiler if using Eclipse 3.7.2 or some other IDE based on it such as certain versions of MyEclipse. Another possibility would be if you are using AspectJ weaver - it has a bug that can be worked around with the switch “-Xnoinline” . Similar bugs can also exist in other tools or libraries that manipulate generated bytecode.