Vaadin Calendar questions

I’m trying out the Vaadin Calendar add-on and I have a couple of initial questions:

  • The .pdf documentation looks good, but would it be possible to add the JavaDoc to the download?
  • Does anyone have a working example where setting the date format for the weekly view (setWeeklyCaptionFormat) actually works? From what I can tell from browsing the source on-line, it should accept any valid SimpleDateFormat string, but I have yet to get anything different from the default format string no matter what I use.

Thanks, Maury


Yeah sure, I’ll modify the build-script.

Currently it looks like setting the locale will reset any custom weekly caption formats. I’ll fix that, and change the weekly views captions so that the day name isn’t added automatically. Meanwhile, I added a
simple example
on how to use the weekly caption format. I’ll update the manual later.


Yes, your example is not much different from what I tried. I took your example and pasted it into my application (so that the example was all that ran) and I’m still getting the dates formatted like ‘Mon 10/25/10’. Or is the issue with the locale you mentioned preventing it from working?

Thanks again.

The setWeeklyCaptionFormat -problem should be fixed with
. If you want you can test the version in the trunk, but the fix will also be included in 1.0.1.