vaadin calendar add-on


an enhancement for vaadin calendar, if i have a weekly view i can choose the plage of time of event with the mouse vertically(in the same day), this facility not permitted horizontaly , per exemple if i have a meeting every day from 8.30 to 9 .

2- Can i extend the event popup, for exemple an event that can be repeated every week etc. or i want to assign an event to a project that can be choosen from a select




The event popup in the demo at is part of the demo and not the core Calendar component so you can create a popup with any components you like. The Calendar only provides the possibility to add a handler for a RangeSelect event. In the demo this is handled by showing the popup.

Similarly you can use your own EventProvider in the Calendar to create a repeated event (daily, daily except weekends maybe, weekly, monthly and so on). The Calendar asks the EventProvider for events for the visible range and you just return repeating events for all the days they should occur.

Thanks for your reply